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90-day Initiative #2: #ownit

90-day Initiative #2: #ownit

At Restoration Church, we have ambitious, God-sized goals! Based on our Core Values, we want to see people’s God-given potential being fully-realized. We want people to find Restoration Church to be a place that’s authentic (real), a place they can belong (feel accepted), and is a place they can be cared for… The ABC’s as it were!

In these 90-days, we’re launching the #ownit initiative. If you’ve been a part of our church family for some time, if you’ve visited us recently, or if you’re interested in getting to know more about Restoration Church, you’re invited to take a step towards ownership of the mission. So, how would you do that? Three easy, easy steps:

1. Join a Community Group. There’s one happening near you! Click HERE to find out more!

2. Come to the Newcomer’s Dessert. Find out about who we are, what our mission is, our core values, our philosophy of church! And, have some great sweets to boot! Contact Pastor Rod for more information.

3. Attend the Owner’s Luncheon. Discover how we’re joining God in the restoration of all things by getting involved in church and in our communities. Contact Pastor Ed for more information.


We’re all on a restoration journey! But you don’t have to be on that journey alone. Discover restoration at Restoration Church TODAY!

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