Sunday, 11AM @ Fields Rd ES, 1 School Drive, Gaithersburg





Our Core Values

In our diversity, we might have slightly different values in how we serve Jesus. Yet, there are certain commonly held core values that unify our efforts. At Restoration Church, these core values guide us on this journey that sees us joining God in the restoration of all things.


Authentic Relationships

“Healthy relationships drive everything.” – We strive to be a community that nurtures authenticity in our relationship with God, the church, and our community.


People Development

“When everyone plays, everyone wins.” – We believe every human being has immense God-given potential. This divine design, when unleashed, enables people to live out their God-given mission.


Unity in Diversity

“We Build Bridges” – We want to reflect the ethnic, cultural, generational, and economic diversity of our community.


Gospel Generosity

“We give because God gave” – The gospel of grace is the greatest example of generosity. Generosity, therefore, is God’s idea and He leads by example. As the people of God, our reasonable response to His grace and generosity is to be filled with grace and generosity toward others.