Sunday, 11AM @ Fields Rd ES, 1 School Drive, Gaithersburg

Mobile Crew


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Do you have a truck? That doesn't mean that you should be on the Mobile Crew. Our Mobile Crew is so much more than just strong people. We need people with a sense of aesthetic. We need people who want to help others have a life-giving experience. Tearing down requires care and a knowledge of the week-to-week toll on equipment. It may help that you're strong, but it's not a requirement -- just a faithfulness and willingness to be a part of an absolutely vital ministry. The Mobile Crew plays an integral role in bringing restoration!

Current Opportunities

  • Setup Team
  • Teardown Team
  • Storage & Transportation

Serving Commitment

  • Available at 9:00AM (earlier, for storage and transportation)
  • Available at 1:00PM (later, for storage and transportation)
  • Setup and Teardown take roughly 30 minutes (or less)
  • Optional: Let us know if you have a tow capable vehicle

If you are passionate about being or are willing to be a part of this critical ministry, please contact us at